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Precision Measurement Systems
Hawk Aerospace, LLC is an innovative engineering company focused on developing cost-effective measurement systems and technologies serving the aerospace industry. The development of Hawk’s core technology has resulted in a standard, laser-based, non-contact measurement system optimized for measuring radial blade lengths of turbine/compressor rotors during the high-speed blade tip grinding and inspection processes.

Building upon this core technology, Hawk will soon be offering a line of low-cost, non-contact sensors for general-purpose measurements.

Building upon years of experience in the aerospace industry, Hawk Aerospace has designed a wide range of custom measurement solutions to advance the development and manufacture of gas turbine engines.

Contact Hawk Aerospace for your most critical measurement requirements.
Featured Product:
The complete in-process gauging solution for high speed blade tip grinding
   Hawkeye System - Model: HS2010
Pratt & Whitney
General Electric
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